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i feel like my heart is going to EXPLODE!!!... and for all the wrong reasons.

I'm Trini, i love my culture
I'm a recent Graduate, GO UCF KNIGHTS!!!
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Falling for someone is very difficult for me. I am guarded, I am scared to let people in because when I love someone it’s with more than my heart. The pain of lose radiates through my whole body and eventually I go numb. Not only do I have to teach my heart to live without you but I have teach my fingers to live without your touch. I have to teach my lips to live without yours,  my eyes to live without seeing you not with me. I have to give up your scent and your voice not being mine to have. I have to rebuild myself and it’s hard. 

If I’m willing and brave enough to chance rebuilding myself, know you mean a lot to me.

I feel like I’m tethered to you, as much as you pull away I cant seem to free myself of you. It’s tiring being sprung along and I need to learn how to free myself of you.

#tbt #CarnivalTabanca… I miss you #Trinidad

Feels like I’m inna #RedLightDistrict #Carnival #Monday #Trinidad #TrinidadCarnival2k14 #steelpan #island360 #cooliegram

My different stages of #Jouvert #Morning. From clean to dirty to clean again #Trinidad #TrinidadCarnival2k14 (at Jouvert Morning, Trinidad)

#ValentinesDay at #SeminoleCasino. Me & @ezzmeraldaaa are probably gonna go into a diabetic coma by the end of the day thanks to all these sweets. #Feb14 #candy #hearts #love #friends

It’s only been 4 & 3/4 months and Jourdan (aka my baby, aka #mycar) has already reached 10,000 miles. #mylife

My initial reaction is not to talk. I’m a listener. Ever since I was a child, I would sit, listen and figure people out. o_O

So by now everyone has probably heard the song Happy by Pharrell, and if you haven’t, I really have no words for you. That being said, there is one line in particular that makes me question Pharrell’s thought of being “Happy”. He says: 

"Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof"

NO Pharrell! I don’t think I would be happy if I was a room without a roof. I’m pretty sure I would be miserable. What happens when it rains, did you think about that… yup, I thought so. Pretty sure you didn’t think about that rooms without roofs in Florida during hurricane season or the rooms with roofs in the Midwest during tornado season (btw, is there a tornado season or do they pop up whenever they feel like it?). Better yet Pharrell, what about the rooms without roofs up north? I really doubt they’re happy having to freeze their asses off in that arctic circle they had like 2 weeks ago (ya, not really sure if thats still going on)…

Sorry people, I thought it just needed to be said. There’s a lot of things that he could have used to convey his happiness.

Like, Clap along if you feel like:

An old man with a cane

A fat man with a slice of cake

or, get this… A ROOM WITH A ROOF o_O 

I can’t wait to hear this on d road carnival day 

My reaction to people coughing in my office…

I be like “Ewww! Take your sickly ass home, trying to get me sick and shit. How dare you hoard your sick days and pto up like you doing me a favor by being here… #workflow #grumpcat #bitchface #icannotdeal



January 12, 2014 - Kim Kardashian & Kanye West leaving Mr.Chow in Beverly Hills.


Definitely my favorite Celebrity couple 


me stealing your man
me at school as the basics walk by
me at your funeral
me all day

I love Rihanna’s Stoosh moments… YEEESSS!!! 


me stealing your man

me at school as the basics walk by

me at your funeral

me all day

I love Rihanna’s Stoosh moments… YEEESSS!!! 

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